Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ReCre8 Old T-Shirts


I have WAY too many T-Shirts. I rarely wear them, but I love the memories of special events and times in my life that the T-shirts represent. Being the beginning of the New Year, it is time to clean out some of these unused items from my closet. Rather than just trashing them, here are a bunch of projects to ReCre8 these t-shirts.

  1. T-Shirts as Rags. (Instructions: Just cut them up - any shape or size)
  2. T-Shirt Handkerchiefs/Wipes (Instructions)
  3. T-Shirts as Reusable Napkins. (Instructions)
  4. T-Shirt Pillowcase: (Instructions)
  5. The T-Shirt Quilt. (Instructions)
  6. T-Shit Laundry Bag/Tote Bag (Instructions)
  7. T-Shirt Memory Scarf (Instructions)
I plan to try several of these. What about you? Do you have any ideas to add?

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