Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cre8 a Behavior Chart

One thing I know about myself, is that without a system, I have chaos.  I just don't have the gene that allows be to follow routines and be consistent without charts, checklists, and color coding.  So, when I decided that I needed a behavior chart for my kids, I needed an easy, systematic system to keep me on point.

I created these "Star Charts" so that I could use those packs of foil star stickers that you can find everywhere to track accomplishments (plus, that let's me color code the charts for each of my little ones).

Here is how the system works:

  1. Write down on the blank lines the different behaviors you want to work on with your child (ours end up being things like "dealing with frustration", "doing something my brother's way", "participating in sports practice", "doing chores without arguing", etc.
  2. Each time you catch them doing something right, tell them they earn a star and make a point to add that star in front of them as soon as possible.
  3. Each star counts for 10 points.  When they get 5 stars, they get to choose a 50 point prize from the prize chart.  10 stars - a 100 point prize.  Finally, 50 stars earns a 500 point prize.  
We came up with our list of prizes together with the kids.  They never fail to surprise me with what they choose.  Often, they choose to have some time with me or their dad rather than video game time!

Feel free to print out the Star Chart hif it would be helpful to you.